Late In The Game

Josie Lowder reading the Declaration Of The Occupation at our Oct. 15th rally.

Josie Lowder reading the Declaration Of The Occupation at our Oct. 15th rally.

by Christopher Woo

Occupy Springfield, IL is the Springfield, IL branch of the Occupy Together Movement. While we do have a news section on our site, we wanted to have a blog specifically for disseminating information more related to our day to day activities and opinions. What we mean by this is that while news is factual and gets briefly to the point, we wanted a place to spell out all of the finer details and thoughts about happenings.

Occupy Springfield, IL. has been around for over a month now. We have had two rallies/peace walks at the Illinois State Capitol, and currently have an ongoing occupation of the Old State Capitol Plaza. So, in many ways, it is “about time” we started this weblog. After all, before the Illinois Times ran with an article about our run-in with the police, we could have brought you this information first-hand, and shared with you our emotional take on the situation. We could have told you all about the Eviction Notice we delivered to lobbyists and legislators at the State Capitol, and given to you a personal accounting of the days activities. We have also received some backing from the AFL-CIO and from AFSCME, and have the potential to have an article written here directly from our staunchest AFSCME member.

So many great steps forward we could have shared in a more inter-personal level and in an interactive way with you. Now, here we are! Please stay tuned for developments as they happen. We already have a few major initiative actions planned and will be sharing them with you!



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4 responses to “Late In The Game

  1. mrejr8234

    I believe there is a way to change the site name where you don’t have the wordpress in the address…Good luck

    • Woo

      Yes, we could link it through our domain. Possibly set up a sub-domain for this purpose. Thanks for the tip, Monte.


      • If we set up a sub domain like this:

        It has to go on a directory on my server where the domin is located. Otherwise people will have an extra page in between the link on the website and your blog. So I think it’s fine like it is. You go to the URL/Domain and you click on blog. Everyone knows that wordpress is a blog most of the time even though it can be used as a CMS.

      • Woo

        Agreed, Ted. However, can’t you set up a sub-domain as a “pointer” that automatically comes here?

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