Reaching The Community, With Food!

Give-away Groceries

Give-away Groceries

by Christopher Woo

Statistics tell us that one in every 6 Americans are hungry. Hungry as in not possessing enough money to eat as they should. As in struggling to buy food.  This is not acceptable. Not acceptable from any standpoint. How can we go around calling ourselves “the greatest country in the world” with so many hungry? We are failing to meet a natural societal mandate – a human right. Understanding this Occupy Springfield, IL has been open to feeding the homeless and those in need from day one of our occupation. Today one of our members took it upon herself to take this even further, and others jumped on board immediately.

Tonight we had a Pot Luck and food give-away at our occupation site at the Old State Capitol Plaza here in Springfield, IL. We had a great deal of socializing amongst members of the occupation, as well as informing members of the public who passed through what it is we are doing. We shared drinks and hot foods, and gave away a great deal of food to those who needed it. We gave out Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Bread loaves, Donuts, Cakes, Pies, and even balanced meals in brown bag lunch form. On a cold, but not forbidding, evening we gave of ourselves for our fellow man.

We call on you to do the same. Reach out in your community and share what friendliness and food you can manage. Don’t do it from a political standpoint, do it for the love of humanity. We are all one-in-the-same, and we all share the possibility of heading toward rock bottom in our lives. We are all neighbours, friends, and family. We are all the 99%.


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