Occupy Springfield, IL. | A Message Delivered

by Christopher Woo


On November 9th, 2011 OCCUPY SPRINGFIELD, IL performed a ‘mic check’ at the Illinois State Capitol Building. This took place in the Rotunda of the building, centered for the whole of these halls of power to hear their message.

They stood against a piece of corporate terrorism legislation known as SB397, which would give millions in tax breaks to CME, a Chicago based company whose profit rose 29% last quarter.

Upon initiation of the ‘mic check’ Capitol Police officers began to call for the end of this action, and forcibly removed the initiator of the event. With his removal another stepped up to lead the speech, and with his removal another, and another, and so on. The brothers and sisters of Occupy Springfield, IL. kept on in this fashion until all they came to say was said.

Once they completed what it was they came to do they marched, heads held high, out of the Illinois State Capitol. Back into the anonymity of the streets of Springfield they headed, parting ways only for a few hours before coming together again to plan their next action.


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