Stand Up!

by Christopher Woo and members of a working group from InterOccupy

This is a pivotal moment in history;  we stand at the precipice of a great and lasting change. We, at Occupy Springfield, IL., stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and all occupations across the globe in the face of accelerated and coordinated efforts to destroy the Occupy movement. The forceful actions that we saw take place against occupations across the country this week, and in Zuccotti Park last night, are confirmations that our Occupy movement is working.

We need more people, resources, organizations, activists, churches, clubs, communities, and groups from every corner of every city, town, province, village, state, and country to join the Occupy movement. To be a part of this great push for a better world. We need you to understand that we are all making a difference, and that with your help we can only become more successful at reaching our common goals. You can make the difference! You have brought us to this precipice of change. We are all a part of the 99%.

We are standing up and speaking for the rights defined in the Constitution as ours. The rights that have always been ours but are now being taken away from us. The right of free speech. The right of free assembly. The right of the press to cover all events that occur in public, and indeed the very right to shared prosperity. If we do not have our rights, then what do we have? We seek to bring about the removal of corruption in business, in politics, and in government. We need you to join us and, for those already with us, to continue to stand strong. You are making the difference. You are the difference!

We call upon the voices who have been silent, who do not think their opinion will be heard, to join us. You will be heard. You are being heard throughout the world. Stand and be seen. Speak and be heard. Write and be counted. We need all of you to join us, not to help us, but to help yourself. We are standing in solidarity. We are speaking and making choices for the protection of our civil, and indeed, human rights. Not only is this for us but also for our children and all future generations. This is our right. This is our duty. Stand and speak now, make the difference, and bring about the change you want to see. As Mohandas Gandi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Note: A working group for InterOccupy has been working on a prototype press statement in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. This is an early write of the copy, which I have taken liberties with. This is not an official press release either for InterOccupy, or for Occupy Springfield, IL. Let it be know, however, that we do stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.

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