Occupy Local Radio

by Christopher Woo


OCCUPY SPRINGFIELD, IL was invited, on November 12th, 2011, to be on the air with Greg Bishop of Saturday Session on WMAY. We were, of course, very excited to do just that. We had one hour of air time, which included being interviewed by Bishop, and taking phone calls from listeners. We discussed how we got into Occupy Springfield, IL., what it means to us and what the movement is really about. Many questions that the mainstream media ignores completely, or twists through sound-bites. Anthony and I were both delighted with the outcome of the show, especially enjoyed talking with callers, and look forward to any opportunity to do it again.

We did not have to wait long, however, for that opportunity. At the end of the show the entire switchboard was full of calls, so many that we were only able to take a small percentage of them during the time-frame we had to work within. We, Occupy Springfield, IL., have been invited to come back to Saturday Session from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. this upcoming Saturday, November 19th, 2011. Bishop has also expressed that he would like to see us coming back in the coming weeks. We could not have anticipated a better result, and look forward to this. We look forward to more of the members of Occupy Springfield, IL. to have a chance to be on the air.

We urge you, Occupiers, to reach out in your community and find local radio talk shows which you might be able to be featured on. You will find much of your opposition in the community will be the ones who will call you. This is what we need as a movement. This open dialogue, education, and outreach. Solidarity!


We were allowed to record our time at the WMAY studios. This video was shot during the show, but the audio was recorded and provided by Bishop, directly off the feed.

Addendum: Please tune in locally to 970 AM on Saturday’s from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. for Saturday Session with Bishop, or streaming from anywhere on WMAY.com.


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  1. Good Job guys! Thank you Greg Bishop for giving us the opportunity to speak to the people of Springfield via your show. People who stop and listen to what we are doing and why , inevitably find our movement to be their movement … the difficult part is getting them to forego their preconceived notions and listen. We want people to wake up , ask questions, get involved…We may not have ALL the answers , but we ARE out there trying to get them… for EVERYONE.

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