Why I Occupy | Shaun Bailey

by Shaun Bailey
edited by Christopher Woo
“Why I Occupy” Segments are brought to you by individual members of Occupy Springfield, IL. They reflect the feelings an opinions of these individuals, and do not necessarily speak for OSI, or the greater Occupy movement.
From October 15th.

I was tired, emotional, and windy… but I don’t think I have the energy to muster it up again, so I’m just reusing it.

The further this movement pushes, the more I come to realize the masterful brilliance behind it. The message of the group is simple, “No one has a voice because the corporations easily push their agenda by funding politicians to win elections based on the amount of coverage by the obviously crooked media.” So, among several other atrocities these corporations get away with in the name of profit, we want their profit out of our politicians pockets so that WE can come back to the table and talk again.

The success of the plan is simple. Just a few people SLEEPING in front of the NYSE is going to garner attention, on WHATEVER level. By just capturing a few eyes, it will certainly make it in a newspaper, or, at the very least, the Internet. From there is bound to be another set of eyes willing to catch the message in it’s entirety and pass it on, and so forth. Then, with a simple push from an already established, surprisingly organized group of 100% anonymous, randomly EDUCATED (not indoctrinated) characters comes a surprising push from obscurity to “viral.” And, yeah, that is usually accurate in most Internet “viral” situations, in case you weren’t aware.

The reason that this message is so easy to take off, is that it comes with knowledge that you won’t find on Fox News, or MSNBC. Your politics are paid for. The lawmakers do not work for you. You simply present yourself at the ballot box and expect that a representative that went to great lengths to establish his over indulgent lifestyle WON’T succumb to the obvious bribery that will take place. Thus, the corporations run the government as well as the media, so they have effectively convinced half of the population we should hate each other by misleading and confusing them. Luckily, we know better. Why? Because the Internet, unlike the TV, is neutral. Why? Because TV is privatized, and so people will use you to get to the cash.

What inevitably happens in this case is that the RICH GET RICHER and the POOR GET POORER. MANY, MANY people have always known this, but have been led to believe that it is simply useless to fight it. And it has been. Because the facts just weren’t there… They are now. We know things we shouldn’t know, and that applies critical friction to the machine. People will question it. Fear it. Loathe it. But it is inevitable, like Facebook, that they’ll sign up.

I’ve come to understand that the message has caught on in detail when I shook hands with a lot of former members of the Tea Party today. I was concerned that the media would retain their hold, until this moment. Those Tea Party members have come to realize that being lead around by social issues makes EVERYONE miss our NUMBER ONE problem, so neither of us judged each other for social views. What a concept… They didn’t seem to notice or care that the liberal media tries to claim this for their own, while Fox News makes every attempt to dismiss the idea as bullshit… even though it’s THEIR (The Tea Parties) idea, FUNDAMENTALLY. The mediators between us and the decisions are paid for, and so we now understand we have no voice. Time to go back to basics.

This should lead to a sincere optimism, because once we have a voice, we will understand, at least for a generation, that the FACTS are absolutely REQUIRED. What we realize in a very, very diverse direct DEMOCRACY is that a CONSENSUS is easily obtained with absolute FACT on that particular issue. At least 320 people showed up in SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS today to support the movement, and MANY COULDN’T COME. That means that ALL of you now know one of us, and it will only be a matter of time before this idea that TRUTH needs to reign is our absolute number one priority. We can’t make decisions we know nothing of. We have been. Now we must stop. It’s so simple, a child can get it. I promise you, they truly, truly understand. You just have to present them with facts. If we were to actually make JOURNALISTS out of our media again, and take the opinion and spin out of the process, we will all end up dismissing a lot of unnecessary divides, because we will know the truth about each other – we’re all going the exact same direction. I believe it’s because we have to in the matter of evolution, but you can call it “God” if you’d like! (Spirituality is always up for debate, because the facts will never be in. You can’t disprove a religion, and it’s not Science’s job to disprove anything anyway – they just tell you that so some believers continue to hate it, that way we all “disagree” on it.)

Really, facts cause understanding. Understanding IS empathy. This is happening around the entire world in solidarity because these people are educated enough to know they’ve been taken, so they all move unilaterally to accomplish our next step. It might take a while, but judging from the amount of support I saw today, it won’t belong before our local radio “brothers” have a close family member that is one of our own. It won’t be long before the Police on JP Morgan’s payroll have sons that belong to the movement. It won’t belong before the FOX News advocate is turned off of the propaganda by attending a General Assembly of an Occupation. Then it won’t be long before we outnumber them. They that are so greedy they’d see the world starve before letting THEIRS fall from their clenched fists. Because the message is universal… We want our voice back, and, like it or not, as a species we exist on the same path.

But here’s the thing… it’s so crystal clear, and while I certainly don’t believe it’s been some masterfully crafted conspiracy by a new power like I’m sure someone will eventually claim, I do have to wonder if the original architect didn’t see the entire fucking process when it was suggested that someone sleep in front of Wall St. On my Facebook, I quoted inspiration for the rally this morning. Henry David Thoreau said, “I know this well, that if one thousand, if one hundred, if ten men whom I could name — if ten honest men only — ay, if one honest man, in this State of Massachusetts, ceasing to hold slaves, were actually to withdraw from this co-partnership, and be locked up in the county jail therefor, it would be the abolition of slavery in America. For it matters not how small the beginning may seem to be: what is once well done is done forever.” With a worldwide, free press… You can see how quickly you get results. I’m not saying that you or I will see even a “better” world, but it certainly won’t be any worse (you have to stop ignoring problems when you become educated to a certain point). EDUCATE YOURSELF, if it has Ads, it’s able to be persuaded financially. The print that started this effort was “AdBusters,” and you have to wonder if someone along the way didn’t see the whole thing play out, as Thoreau did the abolition of slavery. This is the logical “hope” that brings me to these events, and I hope you’ll follow me.


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